Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rena Zuabi's Whiny Propaganda

President Obama is in Israel, and you know what that means: it's time for the Huffington Post to turn on the Palestinian waterworks, and who better qualified for the job than brand new blogger Rena Zuabi? A Palestinian "refugee" who is born in America, educated in UC San Diego, and works for NGOs full time, she's perfectly qualified to spend her entire life complaining about things.

Like many Palestinian bloggers, she has trouble understanding why a nation pledged to genocidal war against Israel might not be treated very well. First, she beat the now very dead horse of the "Palestinian-only" buses, then pulled out the race card yet again to defend America's enemies:
"I am an American of Palestinian descent, raised in the United States, educated at an American university and now living and working in the West Bank. Today, I live under policies with such disregard for human rights and dignity that they rival the darkest days of the U.S. Jim Crow South. I witness and experience, on a daily basis, discrimination against an occupied population, which I help fund with my U.S. tax dollars."
It isn't discrimination if the reason that it is done is to keep that "occupied population" from blowing up women and children on buses, Rena. It's actually kind of amazing how every Palestinian propagandist says the same thing and makes the same mistakes. The Palestinians are mistreated because they mistreat others. When they stop mistreating others, there will be peace. That's all there is to it, but nobody on the Huffington Post will say that because criticizing Arabs isn't considered politically correct. So instead we have to listen to all this whining:
"As an American, I was taught that certain fundamental liberties are inalienable: freedom of speech and assembly, due process, and equal protection of the law. Despite this, Americans who hold dual-West Bank identification cards are ruled by over 1,600 Israeli military orders in the West Bank..."
This is what we call pure hypocrisy. Remember, Rena is an American and a Palestinian, yet only applies her "American values" to Israel's military rule in the West Bank. Freedom of speech and assembly, due process, and equal protection under the law are routinely denied to Palestinians by their own government, but like a good little soldier Rena has nothing to say about that nor ever will. Because like the Palestinians she tries to speak for, she doesn't care about freedom at all. Only when it is used as a weapon. So much for not judging others to a higher standard than yourself. That might be the Palestinian motto.

I guess while Americans were teaching her fundamental liberties are inalienable, Palestinians were teaching her to lie endlessly and constantly. It seems pretty clear which lessons she took to heart.

At this point Rena goes through the usual talking points, including the "30 discriminatory laws" that don't pan out to be any such thing, and continues to not realize that the Palestinians aren't Israelis.
"As an American of Palestinian ancestry, I call for accountability regarding the government's use of my tax dollars to facilitate the continued dispossession and forced displacement of the Palestinian people. I call on President Obama to respect the United States' third-state responsibility to value and ensure Palestinian rights under international law. It is crucial that President Obama push Israel to respect the rights of all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity, and revise State Department policies on support for Arabs coming to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory."
Time for you to decide to whom your loyalty belongs, Rena. We don't owe the Palestinians a damn thing. Not after what they have done to us.

But actually this is very typical Palestinian logic as well. The only people who matter are Palestinians. The only people protected by international law are Palestinians. The only human rights that matter are Palestinian rights. Screw Israelis, screw Syrians, and screw Americans too. Palestinians are the most important people ever, because Rena is one of them. And an American in name only, apparently.

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