Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Huffington Post's "Expert"

This is old news but we wanted to give the Huffington Post enough time to share the wealth. As you know, HuffPostLive is managed by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, a "Palestinian by blood," Israel hater, radical, and BDS supporter. So it isn't a surprise that when President Obama set off to Israel, who did HuffPostLive interview about it?

Yep. Rashid Khalidi, who I'm sure is completely unbiased on this subject. Who were you expecting, Norman Finkelstein? I'm also curious why they refer to him as an "ex-Obama friend." Does that mean Obama isn't around any more? Don't they mean "Obama ex-friend?" Go ahead and wonder because they never explain what the deal is in the article itself.

Anyway, Khalidi solidified the Huffington Post's anti-Israel slant with some of his statements:
"All of [Obama's] rhetoric, in fact, reprises tropes of an Israeli narrative of being victimized, and of other aspects of the Israeli narrative," Khalidi said, granting that the Obama administration, while stopping short of calling Israeli settlements illegal, has escalated rhetoric compared to previous administrations.
Indeed! According to the Huffington Post if you are sad about hundreds of people being murdered by terrorists, it's only because you have a "narrative of being victimized" that has no basis in reality. Let's not forget that President Obama doesn't say what he thinks, he merely spews "rhetoric." What a perfectly left-wing attitude.

The comments were classy, and about Israel's very existence, as usual:

Welcome to the completely objective Huffington Post.

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