Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Latest and Greatest HuffPost Hatemongering

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to publish the following story yesterday, and they pulled out all the stops with one of the most biased pictures we've seen in a while:

As always, there are only pictures of Israelis when they are being mean to the innocent Palestinain victims. Regarding the actual subject of the article, the UN bashing Israel is hardly newsworthy (except on the Huffington Post of course). However there is no methodology, no evidence, no link toe the report. We have no idea how UNICEF, not exactly the deepest investigative body I might add, came to its conclusions and we probably never will. But who needs facts? It's not like the Huffington Post readership reads the articles anyway.

Here is a small sample of the anti-Semitism that followed, only some of which was deleted by the moderators:

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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