Sunday, March 31, 2013

Threats of the Day

Over the weekend, the Huffington Post seems to have been hit by some anti-Israel spamming attack, as I noticed that the usual drivel received 20 or more favorites, which is substantially more than usual. Anyway, the typical "nonviolence," of the anti-Israel crowed showed its ugly face.

Our first was alerted to us by a reader, directed at a "Community Moderator:"

Notice how the preceding comments were deleted quickly but this one was not. And if you click the original link, you will find that it still remains undeleted two whole days later.

Our second is more political, but just as warmongering:

Calling for genocide gets you 26 favorites on the Huffington Post. What else is new?

And finally:

Have you noticed how it is only ever the supporters of the World's Biggest Victims (tm) that chant things like "no _____, no peace?"

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