Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today's Biased Headline and Article

Ready for some Huffington Post "original" reporting? Check out this article:

Yep, that's right. According to the Huffington Post mean old Israel just arrested some kids for no reason at all because they are so mean. As usual to find the truth you have to read:
The IDF confirmed it had arrested Palestinian schoolchildren on Wednesday morning "due to recent stone-throwing incidents toward the security forces and citizens in the city."
The word of B'tselem and Ali Ghraib are also repeated without verification in the article. But if you watch the video you find something kind of interesting:

One of these "children" is attacking an Israeli soldier, and he doesn't exactly look somewhere between 8 and 10, which is what B'tselem claimed.

If you want more bias, Ali Ghraib's descriptions of poor oppressed Palestinians standing up for their rights is given front stage. Them burning pictures of Obama, however, remain completely unreported.

And here is just one more example of bias from the end, one of the HP's favorite "slideshows:"

The "Palestinian-only buses" canard was debunked weeks ago, it had its day in the sun yet the Huffington Post continues to cling to it. I guess reality just doesn't fit their agenda as much as they would like.

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