Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Small Insight Into the Huffington Post

In the Huffington Post's "Religion" section, there were many articles about Holocaust Memorial Day, most of which contained the usual liberal "lesson" of it: that people should be nicer to each other. In addition to those, there were two articles about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the anniversary of which is coming up. Rabbi Avi Weiss spoke about how ordinary people were able to do something extraordinary in the face of all the odds. He also reminded us that the State of Israel was not formed because of the Holocaust but because those same ordinary people worked hard and did something extraordinary.

How did the Huffington Post community respond?

By spitting on their graves, of course. Were you expecting anything less?

Let's follow this up with another blog by Jacques Berlinerblau, the director of Jewish History at Georgetown, talking about new Jewish life in Warsaw and a new museum about Jews there.

Again, how do you think the Huffington Post readership responded to that?

I think that comment speaks for itself. Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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  1. You know the funny thing about that guy Declan, on top of being Pro-Palestinian, he's also a rabid Irish Nationalist. Which is hilarious when it pops up in his comments pertaining to Israel.


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