Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Headline Fail Leads to Misunderstandings

The first thing I want you to do is read this headline that appeared in the Huffington Post's "Religion" section:

What would you conclude from that? Perhaps exactly what the Huffington Post readers concluded:

Unfortunately, women have always been able to pray in Jerusalem ever since the Western Wall was liberated in 1967. What this ruling upheld was that they can also wear prayer shawls while they do it. But the vague headline leaves one to conclude that before this women were forbidden from praying there at all, and only now with this court ruling can they do.

Naturally, anti-Israel trolls decided to show up and spew lies with full Huffington Post approval:

So all in all a pretty typical Huffington Post article.

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  1. "Naturally, anti-Israel trolls decided to show up and spew lies…"

    Seems as if a notorious old anti-Semite, "seawolf", who was prominent on this thread, along with a newer one, "troof hurts" have both been banned, and their comments removed.
    No doubt they will both reincarnate shortly…


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