Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Repeats Some Old Accusations

Former journalist now propagandist Daoud Kuttab is here to bring to the Huffington Post one of the endless accusations that Muslims like to throw at Israeli Jews: that they are conspiring to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. If you read Elder of Ziyon you would know that these claims are made in Arabic news on a weekly basis, but last Thursday was the first time that it has appeared on the Huffington Post. And appear it did, as Kuttab pulls out all the stops. First he declares that "extremist" Jews are planning to take over the Temple Mount:
"Jerusalem's holy places, and especially Al Aqsa Mosque, have been under an escalating threat from radical forces, some of whom are now senior members of the Knesset and government ministers in Israel."
Again if you read Elder you would know that claiming Jews are "threatening" the mosque is one of the standard claims that Muslim clerics use to incite their people to riot. So nice of Kuttab to follow in their footsteps.

Then he explains Muslim intolerance like its no big thing, possibly to him because it isn't:
"It was declared that certain areas of the mosque could be visited because, according to this ruling, they are definitely not on top of the location of the Jewish temple. This decision complicated the situation. Every time Jews enter these locations, Muslim worshipers gather to stop them and the Israeli army usually interferes. With time, an understanding took place. Jews, like all foreigners, are allowed to enter the mosque at times allocated for tourists, on condition that they do not pray."
Muslims get really hot and bothered when Jews come to the holiest site in Judaism, and praying there? Something that Muslims take for granted? Aw hell naw! Even moderate Daoud Kuttab can barely handle the thought:
"So in recent years, Jewish "tourists" would enter and leave at certain times. However, the questions then were whether these Jewish "tourists" also pray and what constitutes prayer. Is it physical movement, is it mumbling words, or both?"
Yes, even Jews thinking about doing something Kutab doesn't like is now a problem! Welcome to the Huffington Post, everybody. At this point he sidetracks to start talking about Jerusalem in general, claiming that Israel has denied Palestinians a political voice there before finally getting to the point of his article:
"Much more is needed to upgrade the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic response to the Israeli and Jewish machine dedicated to reverse Islamic presence and to Judaise the holy city on account of its inhabitants and its religious sites."
How dare Jews "Judaise" Jerusalem? Don't they know it's a Palestinian (oh wait it isn't) an Arab (oh wait the Arabs stole it) an Islamic (oh wait the Muslims stole it too) city!

How dare Jewish people live in the most important place in their religion! That isn't what the Huffington Post is all about!


  1. Hmmmm.
    Daoud Kuttab & MJ Rosenberg.

    Separated at birth?

  2. Wow. I'm quite literally itching as a result of all the toxic hate spewed at that link.

    Aside from reading youze guys coverage here, I never really paid much attention to the Huffington Post, myself, as I am (or was, until I got kicked out of there about a year and a half ago for being too 'uppity') an old Daily Kos head.

    But yeah, no doubt about it, HP takes the hate crown for sure, since at least at DK Mr. Kuttab's tip jar probably (well, maybe) would have been hidden for this straight-up, sick, Jew-hating foulness...


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