Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dueling Rocket Attacks: An HP Tale

Yesterday in the Huffington Post's World section, two stories were posted. Stories similar in content, but different in scale.

One story was rockets fired at the Israeli city of Eilat. No one was hurt, and at the moment it is unclear where the rockets were fired from and by whom.

The second story was rockets in Syria killed 12 people, including two children. Again, it is unclear who fired the rockets.

Unsurprising for regular readers, the Israeli story received well over 400 comments from the HP readership, the Syrian story, less than 10. Because, you know, the caring liberal readers of the Huffington Post only ever criticize Israel proportionately to what it does.

Of those comments on the Eilat thread, plenty either attempted to defend the rocket attacks, or straightforwardly cheered them on. Here's some examples:

Welcome to the Huffington Post, where rocket attacks are either ignored or actively encouraged.

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