Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guillermo Fesser, Shoes and Hypocrisy

Guillermo Fesser is a Huffington Post blogger who previously has only ever written in Spanish. However, he has now changed to write in English and what is the first thing that he writes? An article bashing Israel and infantalizing the Palestinians. What, you expected something else from the Huffington Post blogger stable? In the process he not only shills hypocrisy but proves himself to be even more radical than most Palestinians  If you don't believe me then read on.

Fesser starts with a half truth and all lie:
"Two weeks ago Obama arrived in Jerusalem andshared, [sic] before a packed auditorium of university students, a concern that no president in the White House has dared to publicly mention before: "The Palestinian people's right to self-determination and justice must be recognized. Put yourself in their shoes - look at the world through their eyes.""
Really? Obama is the first President to endorse a Palestinian state? This claim is so absurd that it barely merits debunking but you can read it for yourself here. All parties involved have known that the two-state solution is the way to resolve the conflict and saying it is hardly radical or new. Unless you are a Palestinian, of course. Oh sorry, we don't criticize them here. Anyway Fesser continues with some whining about how Americans just don't "understand:"
"Americans generally come down on the side of believing -- or acquiescing to -- the anemic, final analysis that, after all, Israel is the USA's "best friend" in the region, it has the right to defend itself from hostile neighbors and "terrorists," and the two countries are vital to each other's safety and security, end of story. The result: every year the U.S. Congress allocates, without hesitation, more assistance to Israel than to any other country in the world, with over 3 billion dollars proposed for 2013. And meanwhile the plight of the 4 million Palestinians who live in Gaza and the West Bank is overlooked, ignored, or unrecognized."
A classic case of complaining without really bothering to tell the whole truth. See, Fesser doesn't actually deny that Israel's neighbors are hostile and that it is under attack by terrorists, nor does he ever take on these claims in the whole article. He also doesn't deny that Israel is the USA's best ally in the region and that the two countries work together to keep all of their citizens safe. Instead he simply mocks these claims, as if it's obvious to anyone who is smart as he is that they aren't true, and then whitewashes the 4 million Palestinians who have done more than any other people to get themselves where they are today.

At this point he calls for a "one state solution," cloaked in lies and speaking for the Palestinians, something that if anyone else did he would find it very offensive:
"I believe that if Americans sincerely do as their President asks, they will see that most Palestinians aspire to the same democratic ideals of one-person, one-vote and equal rights for all."
If you don't think that is calling for a "one state solution" and the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, the exact opposite of "peace," then put the phrase "one person one vote israel" into Google and see what comes out. The phrase has been used hundreds of times to imply that the best solution is to not grant the Palestinian people their right of self-determination at all but rather deprive both sides of their nationalist ideals and condemn them to civil war forever. Though of course Fesser doesn't see it that way.

Fortunately most Palestinians know that even though they aren't much for voting or "democratic ideals," they do what their own state and can live in peace with Israel (hopefully). Which is more than we can see for the armchair radical Guillermo Fesser.

At this point Fesser speaks for a whole paragraph about what Palestinians want (food, beds, etc). Or rather what he thinks Palestinians want since he doesn't actually know, and there is no indication that he has ever been there or that  he has ever interacted with a Palestinian in his entire life. Then he hits his next classic anti-Israel talking point:
" Peace will be possible when U.S. voters implore their congressional representatives to use the power of the foreign aid package to demand that the government of Israel stop the occupation and subjugation of the peoples of the West Bank and Gaza. Americans need to encourage their president and congress to pressure the Israeli government to sit down and negotiate with the Palestinians on equal terms so that peace will come -- for everybody."
Really the only talking point pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel people have. But it still doesn't stand up to the facts. I see no reason to bust the same talking point again and again and again. Americans and Israelis know what's really going on here, Fesser, even if you choose to stay in denial.

At this point he writes a three paragraph advertisement for another pro-Palestinian book before wrapping up with all the one-sidedness we have come to expect:
"If Americans can find the time to read this novel, I believe they will be inspired to ask questions and do research. The next time they watch CBS, FOX, NBC or CNN, instead of anonymous refugees or "terrorists," they will see the faces of mothers with children, grandparents with grandchildren, parents with brothers. People going to work, returning from school, shopping in the market. People who can't pick the oranges from their own trees because the Israeli military have blocked them off. Students who can't accept their scholarships to Harvard or Yale because Israeli authorities don't allow them to leave Gaza. And then, those same Americans who have been silent and unaware will demand justice and peace. Because this wonderful story is not about being anti-Israel, but about helping Israel to live in peace with its Palestinians brothers and sisters. "
Israelis know that Palestinians are people and so do Americans. The problem is that the Palestinians see the world as divided up into people on their side and everyone else as a "Zionist" or a "Jew" or their "shills" or their "collaborators." If someone isn't on their side its okay to kill them.

The truth is that it is the Palestinians who need to walk a mile in Israel's shoes. It is the Palestinians who need to be "helped" to live in peace. It is the Palestinians who need to start seeing the faces of mothers with children, grandparents with grandchildren, parents with opposed to Zionist occupiers who must be exterminated.

But saying this doesn't get you published on the Huffington Post. Maybe someday they were start publishing the truth, but it isn't today.

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