Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HP Bias: Pushing the Pro-Pal Message

The Huffington Post covered the news that there was a meeting between senior level Israeli and Turkish officials about compensation for the violent jihadists killed on board the flotilla to Gaza in 2010. What do you think would be an appropriate picture for such an article?

Perhaps a meeting between Turkish and Palestinian officials, like the Washington Post?

Or perhaps a billboard about Netanyahu's apology for the flotilla raid, like Ha'aretz?

No, instead, the Huffington Post chose this photo, which according to the caption is "Turkish protesters hold banners that read ' Palestinian people are not alone ' during a demonstration against Israel's attack on Gaza outside the Israeli embassy in Ankara, November 21, 2012."

What does this picture have to do with the story? It's not like the protesters were protesting anything regarding the flotilla raid. It doesn't even depict recent events. It's just another opportunity to push pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel propaganda at any viable opportunity, even when the actual subject of the article is as placid as can be. 

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