Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HP Biased Headlines Lead to Pure Hatred

After a Palestinian prisoner died of cancer, Palestinians rioted and rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza (which is actually unusual in recent days). Nevertheless, Israel responded to the rockets with air strikes, and the Huffington Post couldn't wait to publish that news. Of course, there is no reason to mention the rocket attacks that caused the air strikes. Here's how the article was covered on the front page of the HP:

And on the World page:

Soon to be upgraded to an even more blatantly misleading photo:

Now the rockets and air strikes are happening at the same time, leading one to conclude that "both sides" are responsible. The above article is also separate from the first, which means this has double coverage.

The Huffington Post's headline is stating, on no uncertain terms, that Israel broke the cease-fire with Gaza with airstrikes. Only on the inside headline does it mention the rocket attacks that caused the air strikes, which I guess we should be somewhat grateful for.

The Huffington Post readership, of course, either completely ignored the rocket attacks in their attacks on Israel and Jews, or attempted to justify those same rocket attacks. Here's some of the top comments.

The Huffington Post editorial staff generating the kind of comments they love to see.

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