Monday, April 29, 2013

HP Keeps Pushing the Muslim Angle on Boston Bombing

Two weeks ago, Zach blogged about the Huffington Post's damage control in the wake of the Boston marathon bombing, where the Huffington Post published numerous articles all about positive things Muslims are doing and how much they hope the perpetrators of the bombing weren't Muslim.

Well, the HP published yet another article on the subject, this time declaring victory:

From the article's text:
"Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which monitors bias and hate crimes against Muslims, said his organization has seen no uptick in reports of harassment, assaults or damage to mosques since the April 15 bombings. Leaders noted a larger, broader chorus of Americans warning against placing collective blame."
Should we expect perhaps an apology of some kind from the Huffington Post for pushing its pro-Muslim agenda on its readership, when apparently it wasn't needed? More like Arianna and her editors will take credit for single handedly protected American Muslims from the ignorant, racist masses. 

We'll see if this article will stop the number of blog posts crying about Muslim victims of racism published to the Huffington Post, but I doubt it.

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