Friday, April 26, 2013

HPW User Profile: Sartor Resartus

I know that we haven't done a user profile in a while, but we haven't seen a shamelessly anti-Semitic individual of this kind in a while either. "SATOR RESARTUS" has only been on the Huffington Post since November of 2012 but has managed to rack up over 150 fans through 700 comments. He is not only a proud anti-Semite, shilling all kinds of libels against Jewish people: they control Congress, they control the media, they were behind the slave trade, they complain too much, they are behind "international finance," but he is also a Holocaust denier and even (a rarity for the Huffington Post) proudly pro-Nazi Germany.

Needless to say, none of the following comments were considered a problem by the Huffington Post moderators. And they are only a small sample, I didn't even get to half of what he has written in his short time there.

LinkThe false, Manichean narrative of the Second World War and the crimes imputed to the authoritarian nationalistic states (most likely to deflect from the much greater crimes of the allies, particularly the Soviets) serves as a convenient mythical prop to the current NATO-USRAELI hegemonic status quo.Fortunately, people are starting to wake up to real history, as they can now access primary sources, and do not have to rely on court historians for its tendentious retelling. More Europeans are demanding that their governments act as sovereign advocates of their well being, as opposed to debt collection agents for international finance, and this is a good thing.””
Link“To achieve peace, the illegal Israeli settlements should be returned to their rightful owners, beginning with the one on Capitol Hill.”

Link“In this case, I am referring to one prevaricating impostor and identity thief in particular, namely, the author of "Night." ”

Link“In this case, the "sacred cow" is a reparations and cash generating one, a multipurpose instrument of casting a certain ethnicity in the role of heroic victim, and the rest of us into cowering submission to the guilt extortion racket. Except many of us refuse to abide by the narrative and feel no guilt and submit to no extortion.” [context dependent]
Link“I don't see why "Night" should even be assigned in an English class, other than as an example of a sub-genre such as, "Ersatz memorializing written for ethnocentric propaganda purposes by prevaricating impostors."”

Link“Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. It's as if the entire population of Catholic Poland, in the midst of the most titanic conflict in history, caught in the crossfire of the most titanic struggle in human history, between the forces of an implacable occupier in the west and a horde of homicidal, raping savages to the east, was under some heretofore mysterious moral imperative to have deferred its own survival and instincts for self-preservation in order to placate the crystalline sensibilities of a miniscule and litigious minority. When is enough enough? They would appear to wish to reinstate the Ptolemaic cosmology, only this time, with themselves as center of the universe.

Link“"How can they demand something back that they never controlled in the first place?" First ask the Khazarian founders of Israel that question.”

Link“Yeah, right. Israeli bombing is a great exercise in humanitarianism. Next to their other great accomplishments, such as white slavery, organ trafficking, blood diamonds, and fraud.”

Link“"BTW, some religions are less culpable than others."  Yes, it must have been the Catholics who bombarded Gaza with white phosphorus, or who carpet bombed Beirut.”
Link“If, on the other hand, he were to open his big mouth and tell jokes about a certain ethnic/religious group which exercises considerable financial and editorial control over broadcast content (I am obviously referring to the Amish here) his behind would be out on the pavement post haste. A craven moral coward is he.”

Link“Well, since that was mainly a reaction to the Bolshevik "holocaust" of how many tens of millions of Russians...tell me...who comprised the main ethnic element of "great and glorious Soviet Union's Security Apparatuses"? Because it sure wasn't Russian Orthodox Christians.”
Link“Actually, it was more like 15 million German civilians displaced, millions murdered and 2 million German women (8 to 80 years of age) raped by the Red Army. Of course, since it was done at the behest of YOUR correligionists- such as Ilya Ehrenburg- that doesn't matter now, does it? Ouch!”
Link“You have hit the proverbial nail right on the head. Where are the Honors- and the Reparations? Where are the groveling apologies from THEIR religious leaders? Where are the speeches from THEIR Prime Ministers and politicians acknowledging their people's role in this- the greatest spree of mass murder in European history?”
Link“Hitler already WAS an acceptable world leader at that time. This is just propaganda. Germany won more gold medals in 1936 than all the other nations combined.”
Link“How many blacks were lynched in the Third Reich? None.How many put into camps? Prisoners of war, like all the others.Were there black soldiers in the Wehrmacht? Yes.Were there separate drinking fountains or swimming pools for them? No.”
Link“Only the tasteless marauders from Eastern Europe would turn a land of olive gardens, fruit orchards, palm date groves and picturesque, ancient dwellings into a borsch belt with tenements.”
Link“Well, one stereotype is significantly- and egregiously- absent. This is not surprising. The name of the publication is Bloomberg, after all.”
Link“Have they published a list of the slave traders- who are unarguably worse than the owners? If not, I wonder why. Could it be that their ranks were dominated by a certain ethnicity?”
Link“Very good! No, they "don't do mirrors"- that is "self-hatred". As one of the non-guilty and defiant, I don't believe that nothing less than breaking this stranglehold on historical and contemporary discourse will free us from this perpetual servitude to ethnocentric litigiousness."

Link“Whenever there appears a headline about antisemitism being on the rise, one wonders what act of Israeli barbarity is afoot.”
Link“I'm not saying that all Jews are responsible for antisemitism, only that it is absolutely not a one way street.”
As always, Huffington Post approved.

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