Friday, April 26, 2013

HuffPost Continues to Milk Zygier, Approves Hate

Hey, do you remember the "Prisoner X" case, in which an Australian spy killed himself while in an Israeli prison? Probably not, but the Huffington Post couldn't get enough of it at the time. Yet they still managed to miss a lot of important information about the story. The combination of a lot of coverage and spun coverage let to a lot of standard anti-Israel hatred as you might expect, which you can read for yourself at the previous links.

Anyway, the Huffington Post knew they could get just a little bit more blood from that stone and so published an article that said Israel was not going to charge any of his jailers for failing to stop him from killing himself. Obviously, according to the Huffington Post readership, this proves that Israel is an "illegal entity." There weren't many comments but they were almost all extremely hateful and/or psychotic. Check it out for yourself, all moderator approved:


Welcome to the Huffington Post and its "legitimate criticism" of "Israel's policies."

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