Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HuffPost Readers Spit on Graves of Israelis, Moderators Approve

Yesterday the Huffington Post dared to do the unthinkable, publish an article about Israel that wasn't spun to make them look evil. Israel was marking Yom Hazikaron you see, their Memorial Day. The Huffington Post editors were at least classy enough to give them a sympathetic headline and picture:

I was particularly shocked because it referred to Israel's fallen as not only "victims" but of "terrorism" and not "militancy" or some other buzzword.

Unfortunately that is where the good news stops, because a hatefest and flood of anti-Semitism charged through the thread, unseen for a while. With full moderator approval, of course. Read these comments and then tell me that it all "legitimate criticism of Israel's policies:"

Community moderator and noted anti-Semite "KIVPossum" was active on the thread, helpfully pointing out that "Zionist ideology will bring the fall of Israel."

Welcome to the Huffington Post. Where anti-Semitism is its stock in trade, even though the terms of service say that "racist attacks" will not be tolerated. Obviously when Jews are the target, that isn't true.

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