Monday, April 29, 2013

HuffPost Readership Runs Interference for Chemical Weapons

What has now become a slogan among the liberal/left Huffington Post readership is "No more wars!" It more or less speaks for itself, they don't want the US to become involved in any more conflicts, even ones like Libya where no troops are put at risk. Yes, even though a Democrat is in office. It's very surprising.

What isn't surprising is that if they see a possible reason for America to go to war (like, say, a rogue Islamist regime seeking nuclear weapons) they will dig in their heels and do anything they can to convince other people or themselves that there is no problem at all. We have seen this very clearly with the Syrian chemical weapons issue which has come to light since last week. America and Israel have said that Assad using chemical weapons is a "red line" which means they and we will get involved if he is proven to be using them. What does "get involved" exactly mean? I can't imagine it would mean invading the country if anything it would be bombing weapons convoys like Israel did last year.

Anyway, the Huffington Post readership immediately trotted out to defend Assad's use of chemical weapons either through denial disguised as "demanding proof" (as if we wouldn't be doing that already) and just pointing the finger at Israel for unrelated topics (even though America, Britain and France have all reached the same conclusion). Here are some examples of Dr. Josef Olmert's column on the topic, including anti-Semitic conspiracy theories aplenty:

As always, Huffington Post approved. And in the main article about Syrian chemical weapons use, what is one of the top favorited comments?

Hating a mass murdering dictator? Forget it. Hating Israel? A sure route to popularity on the Huffington Post.

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