Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HuffPost Spins Carter Story

Well, the Huffington Post finally covered the Cardoza Center controversy surrounding their plans to give Jimmy Carter a "peace award." And the bias comes with it:

Carter looking small and vulnerable, naturally. The article itself is a copy and paste from the Jewish Daily Forward, but as usual its what isn't mentioned that shows the bias. For instance according to the article the story begins with those crazy Jews threatening to attack President Carter:
"Enraged alumni have threatened to physically block Jimmy Carter from entering Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law, where he is due to receive a peace award on April 10."
And only later do we see that by "block," they mean protest:
"Daniel Rubin, 62, said about a dozen former alumni are planning an act of civil disobedience to prevent Carter, a harsh critic of Israeli policies on the occupied West Bank..." 
Naturally, their point of view is hand waved away.

As for the comments, the hypocrisy is exactly what you'd expect. Now that Israel haters are the ones being protested, and not the ones doing the protesting, freedom of speech is sacrosanct. What a change from the "Irvine 11" story.

And of course members of the hate brigade showed up:

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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