Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ira Chernus Weeps for Obama (Part 2)

Professor Ira Chernus' latest whinge-fest is incredibly long by his standards, so this is the second part of my response to it. The first part as you may remember complained that Americans support Israel and that President Obama doesn't intend to force Israel into repeating mistakes it has made dozens of times before.

He is now going to continue with complaining about the Palestinians. After declaring settlements to be "the main roadblock to peace," (speaks for itself) and "a real evil," Chernus can't believe that President Obama doesn't even expect Israel to negotiate with Hamas! Who cares if the Quartet feels the same way! We've got left-wing ideology to push!
"In fact, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has been saying for years that his party is ready for a long-term truce that would, de facto, accept the existence of Israel inside its pre-1967 borders.  These are, of course, the very borders Obama himself has called for as the basis for a final status agreement. In recent talks with the king of Jordan, Meshaal reportedly made his most explicit statement yet accepting such a two-state solution."
Khaled Meshaal walks back every overture of peace later, and if you were honest or informed you would admit that much. He proudly proclaimed just last December that Hamas would never recognize Israel and give up trying to destroy it. Notice that two of Chernus' sources include "TruthOut.org" and "CommonDreams." If you check out his Ha'aretz article I would hardly call it explicit, there's very little information contained within. Ultimately Hamas' actions will speak louder than words. When they say in Arabic that they support two states for two peoples and then disarm themselves, maybe then I will believe that they are open for peace. But I, and the world, will not take Ira Chernus' word for it.

He then yells at the Israeli and American governments for living in a "fantasy world" where something called "radical Islam" exists. Don't they know that they need people like Chernus, speaking from their position on the ground in Boulder, Colorado, to tell them how the world really works? How arrogant can you get?

After this, Chernus engages in classic pro-Iran talking points: denial and the Iran two-step 2.0. Chernus claims that because Iran isn't build a nuclear weapon right now (and only advancing to the point where they can) there's nothing to worry about, and also what about Israel? If you really need to read about all this again check out Matt's response to Chernus' buddy Tom Englehardt, as he uses the exact same talking points.

Check out his shock at the knowledge that he is firmly in the minority:
"The American people seem perfectly ready to back them in this project. In the latest Gallup poll, 64% of Americans say that they sympathize with Israel and, chillingly, precisely the same percentage now tell Pew pollsters that they would support U.S. military action to prevent Iran from making nukes."
Oh noes! Not democracy! A leftist's worst nightmare!

Having complained for what feels like his entire life about "myths," it's time for him to set up some of his own:
"“Self-defense”? “Compelled”? “Israel’s existence”? It all assumes the absurd notion that, even if Iran could manage to produce a few nukes, its leaders would choose to use them against a massively superior Israel, swiftly triggering Iran's national suicide."
Remember when Huffington Post bloggers use terms like "assume," you know something fishy is going on. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Iran could shoot nuclear weapons at Israel. Professor Chernus will never admit this (it hurts the fantasyland that he lives in) but Iran's rulers have pointed out that Israel is a "one bomb country." But the problem is more that Iran can use nukes on Israel (or America, or Britain, or Canada, or a whole bunch of other countries) by proxy, or just use it to export terrorism.

Anyway, now Chernus has declared himself spokesperson for the regime in Iran, a position that he is very much qualified for, and plays it to the hilt:
"In the world as seen from Tehran, and from most of the rest of the planet, it’s Israel, not Iran, that poses a nuclear threat to the region. If someday there were a Mideast nuclear arms race, Israel would clearly be the country that set it off. And if Congress can sway the president, long before that the U.S. might well be caught up in an Israeli-Iranian war. When the myth of Israel’s insecurity meets the myth of “the Iranian bomb,” the result has the potential to be explosive indeed."
Meanwhile in the real world everyone, including the Arab nations, know that there is no nuclear threat coming from Israel. History has shown that Israel can be trusted with nuclear weapons; if there was going to be a nuclear arms race it would have started decades ago. Even Iran has admitted as much. The problem is that Israel is also Chernus' favorite punching bag and cause of everything bad in the world. So once again the facts must be manipulated to fit the theory. And yet Chernus accuses others of living in a "fantasyland."

After whining some more about Obama, and demanding that he pressure Israel and Israel alone, Chernus mercifully calls it quits. Hopefully he will continue to refrain from sharing his "enlightened" opinions with us.

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