Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Israel Vs Chemical Weapons, HPers Side With Weapons (Again)

The possibility of the Assad regime in Syria using chemical weapons against their own people has been discussed many times on the Huffington Post. Israel has warned the world more than once about their possible use or proliferation, and every time has been met with bigotry and hate from the Huffington Post readership. Naturally none of the "human rights" loving activists we have come to know could care at all about the innocent people dying in Syria. So this latest example of Israel (along with Britain and France, though the HuffPost doesn't mention this) claiming to have proof that Syria was using chemical weapons should be no exception, from the "deer in the headlights' picture Assad that the Huffington Post moderators chose to use:

To the tsunami of rage directed against Israel for daring to (a) exist and (b) criticize a Muslim person, with full moderator approval of course:

It's comforting to know that while Syrians are dying form chemical weapons the Huffington Posters are solidly directing their outrage against Israel for daring to point that out.

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