Monday, April 29, 2013

Israeli and Palestinian Women Meet and Talk, HPers Hate

HP blogger Diana Bletter wrote an op ed for the Huffington Post about Israeli and Palestinian women meeting in Acco in northern Israel to "forge connections." Here are some quotes from the women who participated, according to the op ed:
"I was surprised," said Huda Salem, a Muslim social worker from Bethlehem in a telephone interview after her visit. "We always think that Jews think we're only terrorists, but they think differently than what we see on TV."

"I'm very satisfied with this visit," said Faraj-Falah [a Druze professor] "If not, I wouldn't spend so much time organizing these events."

Most of the pro-Israel HPers were happy to hear about these baby steps towards peacemaking. The anti-Israel HPers didn't even bother to pretend the conference was a good thing before launching into their standard talking points. Here's a sampling:

Apparently nothing Israelis do besides surrendering to Palestinian knives is good enough.

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  1. Canadian journalist Sally Armstrong gave an interesting interview a few months ago about working with womens' groups working for peace in conflict areas and how poor the results were with I/P because of the "oversight" the Palestinian women were subject to.


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