Sunday, April 21, 2013

James Zogby Whines about Israeli Sovereignty, Attempts to Influence US Policy

HP blogger and proven liar James Zogby is back on the Huffington Post to do exactly what he complained about being accused of: influencing US policy. This time, it's the bills in Congress that will include Israel in the Visa Waiver Program, allowing Israeli citizens to visit the US for up to 90 days without a visa. The US has such a program with 37 other countries, but only Israel does Zogby have a problem with. Why? Because according to Zogby, "countries seeking to qualify for visa waivers must provide "reciprocal privileges to citizens and nationals of the United States" and because Zogby knows the future, Israel will not do reciprocate for US citizens once it accepted into the program. But that's not the real problem. 

Zogby then starts whining about Israeli treatment of US citizens. He complains that US citizens that Israel suspects to be Arab or Middle Eastern descent "may" be denied entry or exit or be harshly grilled. Likewise with Palestinian Americans. While I cannot support racial profiling, no one can seriously criticize Israel for taking a closer look at people whose nation Israel is at war with. Except for Zogby, of course.

There is also a problem with Zogby's logic, which he failed to consider before complaining about mean old Israeli enforcement of its sovereignty. There is nothing in the Visa Waiver Program that allows citizens of the countries in the program to just waltz through security at the airport, no questions asked. Heck, US citizens entering the United States can be subjected to "additional, time confusing and probing questions," to say nothing about foreign nationals! But when it comes to Israel, suddenly the right to make sure whoever is entering your country isn't a threat is unreasonable and a good reason not to include Israel in the Visa Waiver program.

Here's something funny, though. Zogby describes the definition of "Palestinian" according to Israel as "disturbing" but check out what that definition is:
"More disturbing is the treatment meted out to Palestinian Americans. Again, according to the DOS "Israeli authorities might consider as Palestinian anyone who has a Palestinian identification number, was born in the West Bank or Gaza, or was born in the United States but has parents or grandparents who were born or lived in the West Bank or Gaza. "
Hmm, sounds like James Zogby doesn't think that someone whose parents are Palestinian should be considered Palestinian themselves. You would think logically that would apply to all Palestinians, not just Palestinian Americans. I guess all of those descendants from Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948 aren't actually Palestinian. James Zogby has solved the Palestinian refugee problem! 

But let's move on because Zogby's got another lie in the chamber ready to go.

Zogby whines about Americans of Arab descent "reporting" about all the abuses they've suffered at the hands of the mean old Israeli security people. Boo hoo hoo. But then he reports the following:
"Over the years, we have also complained to several Secretaries of State that, by singling out Arab and Muslim Americans, Israel is violating its treaty obligations to the U.S. In the "1951 U.S.-Israel Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation" Israel pledged to permit U.S. citizens to "travel freely, to reside at places of their choice, to enjoy liberty of conscience" and to guarantee them "the most constant protection and security.""
 Zogby doesn't link to the actual treaty, because if you go and read the treaty, you'll learn he left out a small but important word: " Nationals of either Party, within the territories of the other Party, shall be permitted: (a) 
to travel therein freely, and to reside at places of their choice; (b) to enjoy liberty of conscience; (c) to hold both private and public religious services;" They can travel within Israel freely, but again, there is nothing in that US-Israel that states Palestinian Americans are allowed to just waltz into Israel no questions asked. Why would Zogby remove that word from his quotation of the treaty text? You'll have to ask him. 

Having completely failed to prove that his complaints are legitimate, Zogby sums it all up:
"Given this record, it is both bewildering and maddening that some Senators and members of Congress now want to legitimate Israel's refusal to recognize that Arab Americans, and most especially Palestinian Americans, should be accorded their full rights as American citizens."
We'll say it again, because Zogby keeps pushing the lie: No American citizen has the right to enter into Israel without going through whatever security procedure Israel considers fit. Especially not Palestinian Americans. Heck, no  American citizen has the right to enter into AMERICA without going through whatever security procedure the US government considers fit. Why does Zogby think Arab and Palestinian Americans are better than everyone else? Ethno-centrism maybe?


  1. Zogby can be happy though that more than 50 US passport holding American citizens were murdered by his friends and relatives in Israel for the crime of either a) being there or b) being Jews. We need to help him celebrate that.

  2. American citizens actually do have an unqualified right to enter the USA. The questions at immigration are to ensure that they really are citizens. I presume the same principle applies to Israeli citizens returning to Israel.

    Incidentally, the right to entry and internal travel is further qualified by the next paragraph: it is "subject to the right of either Party to apply measures that are necessary to maintain public order and necessary to protect the public health, morals and safety."

  3. My point though was that American citizens can easily be taken aside for questioning when they enter the USA, which is what Zogby was complaining about.


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