Monday, April 29, 2013

Latest Biased Healine Fails to Produce Desired Result

Over the weekend there was another resumption of fire between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Naturally the Huffington Post spun the headline like a top, though at least they kept the picture choice relatively placid:

Classic Huffington Post: the story begins when Israel responds to attacks on them. Fortunately, even though the article racked up a ridiculous number of comments and a lot of them were by trolls spewing hate, of the top favorited comments (from which we draw a general impression of the thread) even the Huffington Post readership was no longer falling for the "Gaza is the victim" line that used to work so well.

And particularly delicious:

Looks like 27 people agree with us that anti-Semitism runs amok on the Huffington Post. The question is when will the editors think the same?

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