Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Defends His Race Baiting

Earlier today, Zach identified MJ Rosenberg's race baiting in his most recent article, and on the HP article comments section other people called out Rosenberg for it as well. Rosenberg responded to that criticism by digging himself even deeper:

So now Rosenberg's argument is that "oppressed groups" are "more likely" to sympathize with another "oppressed group," the Palestinians. This ignores the fact that Palestinian society is steeped in racism and homophobia. But OK, if that is the case, why did he write this in his article:
"But, as the Pew poll demonstrates, the Democratic party is changing. As the Democratic party increasingly becomes the party of blacks, browns and newer immigrants, support for Israel declines. And why wouldn't it? After all, Palestinians might not look quite so alien to non-white Democrats. And the Israelis might not seems so "just like us" to them."
Not one word about "oppression" in that paragraph, Rosenberg writes entirely about physical appearance. Palestinians might not "look quite so alien" to "non-white Democrats." His point is that all non-white people ought to stick together and side with each other. Black Americans should side with the Taliban because they also aren't "white" and they should also sympathize with dictators in Africa because they look "just like us." But obviously if Jews choose to support Israel because other Jews live there, they are "Israel firsters."

It's messed up left-wing racism, but don't try pointing this out to Rosenberg. The comment sections seems to have been locked down since last night.

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