Friday, April 12, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Laps Himself

When you regurgitate the same talking points over and over again, as MJ Rosenberg does, you are bound to repeat yourself. One would hope, however, that you would use the same title for two different blog posts:

I guess MJ Rosenberg's creativity bank is running even lower than usual seeing as how this article is a retread of his old one. What has got his ire this time? That Netanyahu (his third favorite punching bag after AIPAC and Jews who aren't as hard left as he is) is smart enough to realize that the conflict isn't about territory. Rosenberg quotes Netanyahu as saying, "Kerry believes that he can bring about the solution, the treaty and the salvation...He thinks that the conflict is primarily over territory...and that is wrong." How does Rosenberg respond?
"Wrong? No, that is what the conflict has been about since the occupation began in 1967 and certainly since Israel and the PLO agreed that both sides have the right to peace and security....So we are back to Shamir and the bad old days before Rabin."
Just out of curiosity, that would be the same PLO that was founded in 1964 right?

We've been over the whole "end the occupation" talking point a million times, I see no reason to rehash it. But this just goes to show that MJ Rosenberg needs to believe in his own left-wing propaganda. The conflict must be about the occupation (contrary to all evidence) because otherwise he can't hold Israel responsible for its continuation! And the PLO must be the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people (contrary to all evidence) because otherwise he would have to admit that the Palestinian people don't want peace any more than the Israeli hard-liners! Which also is offensive to his left-wing sensibilities.

Fortunately I don't think his manufactured outrage will get too far. Preaching to the choir, as we have to come to realize already, doesn't get you as many clicks as you would think.

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