Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Race Baits and Lies

We're back to continue MJ Rosenberg's desperate claim that American Democrats hate Israel because of one poll.

First up, racism! Followed by ignorance!

"But, as the Pew poll demonstrates, the Democratic party is changing. As the Democratic party increasingly becomes the party of blacks, browns and newer immigrants, support for Israel declines. And why wouldn't it? After all, Palestinians might not look quite so alien to non-white Democrats. And the Israelis might not seems so "just like us" to them."
This paragraph probably deserves its own blog post, but needless to say that racism from a liberal point of view is still racism. Just because someone is not white doesn't mean they hate Israel or that they love the Palestinians. I have no idea where MJ Rosenberg pulled that nasty little piece of prejudice from. Latino groups and African-American organizations are some of the biggest supporters out there. Why? Because they are religious, mostly Christian. You remember Christians, right Rosenberg? You spent the other half of your time bashing them. If I were a person of color I would find it extremely insulting that Rosenberg simply assumes that I'm going to support homicidal Islamist terrorists just because they happen to also not be "white." Which of course is another stereotype, as Israelis and Palestinians are both multiracial and multicolored. But MJ Rosenberg being ignorant is hardly news.

(Of course, it is a perception that the Democrat party is the party of non-whites. I'm not saying that it's wrong, but there are black Republicans and conservatives. Let's not forget, as if we could with Rosenberg around, that support for Israel remains bipartisan.)

At this point he declares that the Democrats will soon move away from Israel! Of course, there is no evidence for this in the poll. The poll finds that only around 40% of Democrats say they sympathize with Israel vs 17% who sympathize with the Palestinians. Rosenberg takes this to mean that 60% of Democrats hate Israel and love the Palestinians. Just ask him:
"Moreover, it is not just "minority" Democrats who are likely to move the Democratic party away from undying devotion to Israeli policies. It is also the party's activist base which has been dominated by anti-war types since the Vietnam War."
Dream on. I know that Rosenberg literally makes a living  by peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, but no party or American group has "undying devotion" to any Israeli policies and therefore there is nothing to fight against. Just because fewer Democrats are sympathetic to Israel does not mean they will expect the American government to change their position on Israel. If Rosenberg thinks that, he should commission another poll and find out. Meanwhile, it's time for his most laughable claim yet:
"Support for Israel's hardline policies is a natural for the Republican grassroots; it perfectly fits in with their worldview. Democrats should be expected to be more sympathetic to Palestinians."
Why should Democrats be expected to be more sympathetic to people who blow up Americans and danced on 9/11? Israel's values are American and liberal values, and liberals who haven't fallen into the trap of the far left recognize this accordingly. There is no reason for a Democrat to side with the Palestinians except if he or she believes they are "the victims." Palestinians don't embody American values any more than Al-Qaeda or Saudi Arabia do. Although I'm sure Rosenberg thinks of himself as a Democrat, it doesn't cut both ways. Just because hard leftists like Rosenberg vote Democrat does not mean that all Democrats are hard left.

Besides, according to his own poll Democrats are not more sympathetic to the Palestinians. Less than 20% of Democrats sympathize with the Palestinians! No matter where in American life you look the Palestinians have little support. So I'm curious where this army of Palestinian-loving Israel-hating activist Democrats are going to come from. When we look at the only evidence Rosenberg has so far presented, what we find is that the majority of Democrats don't know, don't care, or think that neither side is particularly sympathetic. That's bad news for Israel and "The Lobby" but it's worse for the Palestinians for whom the sympathy card is the only card they have.

I don't want to rain on Rosenberg's parade for too long though so let's give him a chance to respond:
"But what if, suddenly, they [Democrats] start hearing from the party's base not that they should support Israeli policies but that they should support an end to the occupation and security and sovereignty for both Israelis and Palestinians?...What if the 61 percent of Democrats who are not more sympathetic to Israel than to Palestinians started sensing their own strength and began pushing back? What if the issue of U.S. support for the occupation started being raised in Democratic primaries and affected campaign contributions too?"
What if pigs start flying and the sidewalks turn into chocolate ice cream? Will Rosenberg write a column about that too?

The only information that you have is one poll indicating that Democrat sympathy for Israel has dropped.

That does not mean that the party base has suddenly turned against Israeli policies, nor that there is anything to "push back" against. This paragraph is nothing but delusional glee at the prospect of imaginary Americans turning into anti-Israel activists. Why would these Democrats who don't sympathize with Israel "being pushing back?" What are they "pushing back" against? There is no evidence that they care even the tiniest bit about "the occupation" and "Israeli policies" so why are you assuming that they do? And that they agree with you about it? Because the alternative is realizing how alone you really are?

What the poll shows is that most Democrats have a "plague on both your houses" kind of attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Or possibly more accurately a, "do whatever you want it isn't our problem" attitude. If anything this should be very disconcerting to the Palestinians because if Americans don't care about them then their plan isn't working and nothing will change for them. Rosenberg, like he always does, sees exactly what he wants to see in the results and then starts making things up.

One last fisking and then we are done:
"What if, as the Pew poll demonstrates, the Republican party became the home of Israel hardliners while the Democratic party with its base of labor, gays, non-whites, liberal Jews and progressives became the party of those who want their country to finally become the Middle East "honest broker" we pretend we are....That could make all the difference."
That's funny, I can think of many good reasons why organized labor, gays, non-whites, liberal Jews, and progressives would all be strongly pro-Israel and not at all pro-Palestinian. I can't think of any reason why they would put their own credibility on the line for the Palestinians, put it that way.

Rosenberg's hard Left worldview is coming through stronger in this article than anything else he has written thus far. He simply assumes that the aforementioned groups will agree with him and start marching underneath Hamas banners because they are "good" groups who are the darlings of the Left. Not to be confused with "bad" groups who are hated by the Left, which includes white people, religious people, and conservatives (or as he would call them "neocons"). The way the Left works is by divvying up people into little boxes and then expecting them all to think the same way. In Rosenberg's mind if you're gay, you must support the Palestinians even though the Palestinians torture people to death for being gay. Does that make sense? It does if you are on the Left.

I'm sure Rosenberg will be waiting his entire life for liberals to suddenly become illiberal and sell out the most liberal country in the Middle East. I would say that I hope that he wakes up soon, but I know that it isn't going to happen.

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