Thursday, April 11, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Whines, Lies, Shills for Carter

Everyone's least favorite HP blogger MJ Rosenberg reared his head on the Carter thread to show his support for, naturally, Carter:

Busting MJ's lies is boring, but I still feel it needs to be done.

1. The only thing we know about "these guys" is that they don't think President Carter is worthy of an award from Yeshiva University affiliates, based on the fact that he loves Hamas and Assad and apparently taught Sunday school kids to hate Jews. But that's still enough for MJ Rosenberg to declare they are part of a fictional "Israel First crowd" and that they "respect and honor every Israeli PM." It's like he just says whatever pops into his brain, no matter how far removed from reality.

2. It's hilarious that MJ Rosenberg declares "this group" represents "virtually no one" in the Jewish community. How the heck would he know that? Has he polled the Jewish community on their views on President Carter? Obviously they represent themselves, and in case he hasn't noticed it's not like the majority of the Jewish community are stomping them into silence with their big Jewey boots. AIPAC, MJ's other favorite target, has 100,000 members attend their convention every year, and we know MJ Rosenberg considers every AIPAC member to be "Israel Firsters." The lies just don't stop from this guy.

3. It seems like MJ Rosenberg is doing some damage control. He spends years pushing the narrative of "Israel Firsters", but now he's trying to claim they are just a "fringe group." What's the matter, MJ? Are people starting to take your language and applying them to Jews in general? Who could have possibly seen that coming?

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