Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Rockets, More Headline Bias

The job of the Huffington Post editorial staff, at least when it comes to Israel related articles, seems to be copy and paste AP articles but change the headline so that Israel looks bad. Here's the most recent example.

More rockets and airstrikes occurred yesterday between Israel and Gaza, and here's the headline of the Huffington Post's article about them:

Remember, the Huffington Post has already selectively covered this story, publishing in the headlines at least only Israel's airstrikes. If you got your news exclusively from the Huffington Post, you would have no idea that rockets preceded the airstrikes.

And now, in this headline, the HP made sure to make it clear that the latest round of rockets are "following airstrikes." In other words, the poor suffering Gazans are striking back against Israeli airstrikes, not causing them and perpetuating the violence.

If you think I'm making a big deal over nothing, check out the original AP article's headline:

The Huffington Post will copy and paste the exact text of the article, but they will change the headline because someone reading the AP's headline might not think the Palestinians are hapless victims. If you come to the Huffington Post, you learn what they want you to learn.

And here's the top comment of the thread so far, saying exactly what the HP editors want to be said:

Another victory for the professional propagandists at the Huffington Post.

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