Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nathan Lean Whines Again

You may remember Nathan Lean from starting a series of attacks on the "New Atheists," only part of his full time job of making Muslims look like victims. He is back this time to try and deny freedom of speech to people that he doesn't like by going after their sources of funding, and the Huffington Post is proud to provide him with a platform to do so.

See, the Huffington Post's favorite punching bag the AFDI (the organization of Pam Geller and Bob Spencer) is back again with another round of advertisements on for metroes and buses. The problem is that they are using a crowd funding program like Kickstarter to do it. Here is the image of their latest advert:

After poisoning the well a little bit, it is time for him to spin this advertisement:
"But it does little to explain how a campaign that singles out the followers of an entire religious faith with incendiary associations and stereotypes does not violate the company's "no hate" policy. Would an antagonistic ad campaign directed at Jews or Catholics receive a pass too? What does Indiegogo classify as hate?"
Lean is just wrong here. The above poster isn't singling out the followers of any religious faith. As Geller and Spencer always love to say, it is anti-Jihad and anti-extremism, not anti-Islam. It is certainly a strong criticism, and one could make the case that it isn't a fair one. But it was also formed in reaction to another ad campaign depicting the "map that lies:"

This is far more dishonest than Geller and Spencer's, which merely tells the world something that Lean would rather it not hear. Furthermore, the above map is used in context to call for America to cut off aid to Israel, singling out the world's only Jewish state and mirroring what Geller and Spencer call for in their advertisement. Anti-Israel advertisements would often include lies as well. As usual, you cannot have it both ways. The reality here is that Lean doesn't like the message and rather than answering speech he doesn't like with more speech, he demands that his followers force Indiegogo to ban Spencer and Geller from using their service. Nothing fascist about that, I am sure.
"AFDI should be afforded their rights to free speech, but that doesn't mean that organizations like Indiegogo are obligated to host these campaigns. Enabling divisive and hurtful rhetoric against Muslims or any community is something that they can and should refuse to do. Indiegogo has an opportunity to be a force for good in the world, empowering those who desire to bring about positive change with the means to realizing their goals. The vilest of hate groups should not be among them -- even if there is a profit involved."
I like how Lean thinks that only causes that he thinks are a "force for good" should be allowed the services the rest of us take for granted. Who elected him to decide that? Furthermore I hope that his followers remember that the next time that...oh, someone like Jimmy Carter is given an award by Yeshiva University. Don't count on it though.

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