Monday, April 8, 2013

NaziFest 2013 Continues

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Tel Aviv University and the European Jewish Congress release their report on the state of anti-Semitism worldwide. What they found this year was a 30 point jump in attacks on Jews, most notably the Toulouse Massacre. The Huffington Post covered this news and even provided a sympathetic picture if not headline:

Yep, when its attacks on Jews its only a "claim" by a "report," and not a fact.

Anyway as you can see it has amassed 900 comments so far, and quite a few of the top favorited showed what kind of place the Huffington Post is in regards to Jewish people. There were even a few calling out the Huffington Post comment section for their hatred of Jews. In addition to normal anti-Semitism we had blaming Jews for attacks on them, the "anti-Semitism debate," and of course conflation of Jews and Israel:

Welcome to the Huffington Post, where anti-Semitism isn't acceptable. Except when it is.

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  1. HP will soon start publishing Holocaust Denial. That's not even a debatable question.


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