Wednesday, April 24, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Cross Graffiti on Israeli Synagogue

The Huffington Post has a rule to never cover news of Israelis being victims of something, unless those Israelis are Arabs. That's why this story won't be making it onto the HP's pages:

Worshippers who arrived at the Avraham Atias Synagogue in Kiryat Malachi for morning services on Wednesday found hate slogans and a cross spray-painted on its walls.

The words 'Jehovah is a son of a bitch' were written near the entrance to the synagogue, and a cross was sprayed over the hate slogan.
"It is a disgusting feeling to see your faith being cursed in this way," said Eitan, who prays at the synagogue. "Our community tries to help and support whomever we can, so I have no idea who would do such a terrible thing," he told Ynet.

Meir Ne'eman said his 84-year-old father prays at the synagogue every morning and keeps it clean. "I did not want him to see the graffiti, which I noticed as soon as we arrived. I waited for the end of the service to tell him. Meanwhile, the police arrived and collected fingerprints. I hope they'll find the criminal who did this," he told Ynet.
The worshippers found similar hate slogans, which were all erased, in nearby streets."

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