Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Spin Begins

Yesterday the Huffington Post realized that they didn't have enough articles about the Palestinians being victims! Could it be that reality was not fitting their prejudices? Fortunately they had Rozanne Gold on hand to write something about Gazan food.

Yes, you read that right.


In Gaza.

Is considered just as important to talk about as economic unrest in Europe, chemical weapons in Syria, tensions with North Korea and radical Islam in Russia. Who says that the Palestinians aren't the most specialest people on the planet?

As for Ms. Gold's article itself, it was more about the food than anything as you might expect, since that is her background. She was the unofficial spokesperson for Israel's food and wine industry for years. Isn't that neat? Once again we see Israelis sticking for the Palestinians, something that never happens in the reverse, as Ms. Gold couldn't manage to keep from taking potshots at "the situation" though:
"After all, there was a time, long ago, when it was possible for Jews to have Palestinian friendships in the Old City of Jerusalem and share meals, and the culinary history, which has existed between us for thousands of years. Now there is a wall, both literal and metaphoric, that shields us from the realities of everyday existence in Gaza, where home kitchens are prey to the exigencies of conflict and deprivation....[boo hoo hoo]"
Of course, it is very possible now for Israelis Jews to have Palestinian friendships in Jerusalem and everywhere else. It happens all the time...in Israel. I also like how Ms. Gold doesn't explicitly say why the times have changed but if you look at the tone it is pretty clear that "the wall" is at fault, and not the people who built or not the people who made it necessary have anything to do with why it is there.
"Readers may have to sift through a fair amount of historical and political bitterness that laces the text between the recipes, but the food speaks fragrantly for itself."
Maybe we could do with a little less political bitterness from you and your Huffington Post enablers, Ms. Gold.

This article does serve as a lesson though: anything at all related to Israel will be covered by the Huffington Post, no matter what else is happening or how inane the subject is.

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