Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today's HP Bias: Israeli Justice

The Huffington Post yesterday afternoon came out with one of its patented biased headlines, photos, and coverage choice. Take a look at the headline for this article:

Once again, the Arab "victim" in the headline gets his name printed in the headline and the HP actually managed to find a picture of him, despite his attempts to not get his picture taken. Note also the ethnicity of this guy is in the headline, although I for one don't know how it's relevant.

The Huffington Post also failed to cover this article, also about the Israeli justice system sentencing someone:
""Jewish terrorist" Jack (Yakov) Teitel, who was convicted of two counts of first degree murder of two Palestinians, in addition to a long list other violent offences, was sentenced Tuesday to two life sentences and an additional 30 years in jail by a Jerusalem District Court. Before sentencing Teitel claimed he did not regret his actions...

Teitel, a US immigrant, confessed to the killings, which he committed while visiting as a tourist. He was convicted in January of killing a Palestinian taxi driver in Jerusalem and a shepherd near the West Bank city of Hebron."
 Why would the Huffington Post cover one but not the other? Perhaps an attempt to portray the Israeli justice system as out to "oppress" its Arab citizenry? No, it couldn't be!

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