Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yom Ha'atzmaut Hate Roundup

If that previous post wasn't enough Huffington Post hatred for you, then you're going to be happy with this next one. The Huffington Post published four blog entries about Yom Ha'atzmaut and Israel's 65th birthday. Eitan Press wrote a poem about it, and Ron Kronish and Abraham Foxman wrote stories about how far Israel has come in 65 short years. Finally Rabbi Baruch Levi wrote a blog entry about what makes Israel unique and exceptional.

So even though the Huffington Post editors wrote some pro-Israel stuff for the holiday (balanced by anti-Israel blog entries of course) that was where their lack of bias ends. Because the moderators took a break and let the hate come flowing through the Huffington Post comment section. Although it rarely is about Israel's "policies," at least they rare cross the line into anti-Semitism. See if you can find any other country that would be attacked this way for merely daring to exist. Saudi Arabia wouldn't. Iran wouldn't. Somalia wouldn't. Only the Jewish state of Israel. Here are just a few examples:

While Americans mourn their dead in Boston, left-winger celebrate Hate Israel Day on the Huffington Post. Just kidding, we all know that every day is Hate Israel Day there.

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