Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ben White the Anti-Semite Returns

The Huffington Post has yet to meet an anti-Semite that it doesn't love. Ben White, professional Israel and Jew hater, has been absent from the Huffington Post for two years and I was hoping we had seen the last of him. But he just posted a story about Stephen Hawking in Huffington Post UK. Just to prove that it exists:

I see no reason to fisk his article because other and smarter people have said what they were going to say on this much discussed topic. However I would like to remind you that White has earned the anti-Semite label with his behavior in the past.

It just goes to show what sort of people the Huffington Post accepts into its fold with open arms. If you would like to ask them why such an odious propagandist is allowed to spew his lies there, here is their contact info.

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