Monday, May 13, 2013

Ben White Sticks Around

I was hoping that anti-Semite Ben White's recent op-ed on the Huffington Post would be a one-shot deal but it looks like the Huffington Post, in very typical fashion, is keeping him around in "HuffPostUK." His latest appearance is in adding to the milking of the Stephen Hawking story by "debating" an Israeli attorney about whether or not BDS is good. Naturally since this is the Huffington Post, White "won," but only by 2% which is more than I thought. It's pretty telling that the Huffington Post couldn't find anyone else except White that would sing the praises of BDS, though I do wonder if they know the truth about him.

Speaking of the truth, I don't see much reason to fisk what White says about BDS, aside from the usual lies. According to him there is "no Israeli peace camp," by which he means one that meets his impossibly high standards. But most of his lies are about BDS itself: namely that it seeks to change Israel (not destroy it) and that it is effective. Though he does endorse terrorism and make it clear that this is about being "pro-Palestinian" or "ending the occupation" at all:
"To different extents, Jewish Israelis benefit from the status quo - as the privileged group in an ethnocracy - and thus pressure from the outside is about making that status quo unsustainable and undesirable - along with Palestinian resistance of course."
I do wonder how many people bothered to notice that part. Anyway the comment section was interesting because it was a lot of newly created accounts on both sides of the issue. But it sure seemed like most of the people had already made up their minds, namely that Israel is evil and Israel must die. You know, what we would expect from the HuffPostUK. However I thought it was interesting that Mike Rivero, 9/11 conspiracy theorist and head of "What Really Happened" made an appearance, with hateful rhetoric praised by a Huffington Post community moderator:

The Huffington Post gets out what it puts in. And I'm sure it makes them very happy.

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