Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dershowitz Criticizes Jews, HuffPosters Still Hate

Alan Dershowitz is everything the Huffington Post readership doesn't like: he's liberal, a Democrat, a Jewish person, an Obama voter, critical of Israel, and well spoken. Unfortunately he isn't liberal enough, Democratic enough, critical of Israel enough, and so forth. Which is why his latest article is such an eye opener. See, he takes a page from his book "The Case for Peace" (not literally) and criticizes those Jews in Israel and elsewhere who are "more Israeli than the Israelis" and don't think Israel should compromise about anything.
"There are a small number of extremely vocal right-wing Jews who believe that retaining the entire West Bank is more important than trying to make peace with the Palestinians. Some of them believe that God gave the Jewish people the West Bank and it is a sin to give any of it up. It was that kind of thinking that led to the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin when he tried to exchange land for peace with the Palestinians. "
But despite Dershowitz's balanced attitude (so far on the Huffington Post) the readership still met him with personal attacks that were all given the stamp of approval by the moderators:


  1. I'm stymied. "troof hurts" was banned a few weeks ago, and was back one day later. Amazing. Then again, not so much, after all, it is the HuffPo,
    where Jew hatred reigns supreme.

  2. I basically agree with Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz's overview here. I have no trust or regard for the Palestinians, but Israel is not going to annex the West Bank or become a 23rd Muslim state by making the entire area part of Israel--and the extremists who ignore that are just going to get rolled the fuck over when the time is right (pardon my language).
    As for the reception on HP, it's clear that A) Alan isn't remotely bothered by this, since he's heard uglier and worse from even uglier and worse people and B) it's amusing to have people who can't spell or frame even a short sentence casting aspersions at one of the smartest men on the planet.


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