Monday, May 13, 2013

Engineered Hate of the Day

In what is probably the most blatant example of throwing red meat to the hate Israel brigade we have seen recently, the Huffington Post gave what amounts to a non-story a prominent place in the "World" section. What is it about?

If it were any other country but Israel this would never make it to the Huffington Post, but as we know Israel is not just any other country. I can see why they covered it though as it hits all the required notes: Israel, Netanyahu, and the Huffington Post's first and only You can see this in the top favorited comments as the tired old refrain of "my tax dollars" was hit over and over again:

I've never seen people more obsessed with money then the Huffington Posters. Anyway, it wasn't long before anti-Semitism crept in as well:

Just another day on the Huffington Post.

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