Friday, May 24, 2013

HP Publishes Palestinian Victims, Comment Section Doesn't Care

The Huffington Post published yesterday the story of the true victims of the Syrian civil war, the Palestinians forced to live there by their Arab overlords. Turns out, 70% of the Palestinians living in Syria have been "displaced" by the civil war. Because this is happening to Palestinians, not Syrians, the HP gave the article a nice sympathetic picture to accompany it:

Unfortunately, the plight of these Palestinians can't be (directly) blamed on Jews, so the vast majority of "pro-Palestinian" posters stayed far away from the thread, as it only brought in 64 or so comments despite being posted for 24 hours.

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  1. Slightly off topic. Heads up. "LocoZionist"

    So vile, even printed anti-semitic rants on a thread for "Pixar Kiddie Pool Packaging Has Cringeworthy Photoshop Mistake"

    then someone posted this:

    “HuffPo Editors: Have you read your own policies?

    If so, why is some creep calling himself "LocoZionist" allowed to post blantant anti-semitic rants here that have NOTHING to do the thread?

    Ban this creep or be known as a home for people like him.”
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    One comment was removed. All others were flagged numerous times, and still remain.


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