Thursday, May 16, 2013

HPers Cheer at News of Israeli Poverty

In between their attempts to destroy Israel's economy through BDS, the HPers took time to cheer the news about Israel's relative poverty rate being highest in the OECD. Zach already commented on the spin the Huffington Post helpfully provided. Anyway, they naturally blamed Israel for its own poverty issue, because obviously doing what the Palestinians want them to do will somehow reduce the poverty rate. After all, the entire world looks to Arab countries for ideas about how to help the poor. That's in combination with the usual attacks on Israel's status as a developed country and a democracy and other Israeli policy.

Here's some of the top comments:

As if this wasn't enough for you, the anti-Semitism level on the thread soon skyrocketed, more than we have seen in a while. Here are some examples:

But remember, Israel has nothing to do with Jewish people.

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