Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HuffPost Bias and Crocodile Tears

Tens of thousands of people have been murdering each other in Syria for the past two years. And in that the time the Huffington Post readership have spoken out with one strong message: "Not our problem." And hey they are entitled to it. But now that Israel has gotten involved, you knew what would happen. Yep, the readership of the Huffington Post has become "pro-Syrian," and suddenly give a damn about the human rights of the Syrian people including the soldiers who work for the despot Assad. Check out this article the Huffington Post published in a flurry of articles about it:

Almost immediately the hand-wringing and the crocodile tears began as the Huffington Posters wept for the poor Syrian victims of the most evil state in the world, Israel:

Still think the Huffington Post readership doesn't have a problem with Jewish people?

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