Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HuffPost Brings the Al-Dura Bias

The Huffington Post covered a story about how Israel, 13 years too late, has debunked the Mohammad Al-Dura hoax and proved once and for all that al-Dura wasn't killed in the video and may have been killed at all. Naturally, the Huffington Post covered it in the most biased way possible:

I guess they subscribe to the theory that if you can't tell the truth, be as vague as possible and let your readership draw their own conclusions. As for the readership in question, few tried to actually prove that Mohammad Al-Dura was killed by the Israelis, possibly sensing that it was a futile battle. Instead, they tried to claim that Israel "kills kids" all the time, so it doesn't actually matter that the only example the Palestinians can find in 60 years of this turned out to be a lie. And, of course, there was anti-Semitism and even Holocaust denial that followed:

The Huffington Post: Classy as ever.

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