Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HuffPost Brings the "Nakba Day" Bias (Updated)

As we knew they would, the Huffington Post covered the propaganda event that is the Palestinian "Nakba Day" and did all they could to spin the coverage:

And on the inside:

The Huffington Post can't be bothered to publish a single Israeli victim of a Palestinian terror attack, but will never stop making the Palestinians as humanized as possible. Even in, in this particular case, the picture is of a violent protester. Naturally this was followed up by one of the Huffignton Post's famous propaganda slideshows. Here's one example:

We'll let you know about the rage that is sure to roll in.

Update: They have changed to include a video now:

We've long known the Huffington Post to be willing to regurgitate any Palestinian propaganda they can find, including calls for a "one state." I wonder if any of the readership will realize the Arabs don't want peace  because of it.

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