Friday, May 10, 2013

HuffPost Continues to Milk Hawking Story (But At Least It's Kind of Balanced)

I already commented upon how the Huffington Post couldn't wait to give BDS' only "victory" in years a screaming front page headline, but now that it has passed they are still trying to get whatever they can out of it.

They follow the story with another one about how people were confused by the contradictory reports (but only managed to get 19 comments) then followed that with one about how people on Twitter attacked him for it. Apparently only anti-Israel people get to look like the victim on the Huffington Post. When the same thing happened to Kim Kardashian the Huffington Post was nowhere to be found.

Anyway, they then followed these with not one, not two, not three, but four blog posts about it. I already mentioned Ben White's shameful return to the welcoming arms of the Huffington Post so let's talk no more about that. The other three were actually critical of Hawking and supportive of Israel.

Our first example is from the "College" section, which usually has college students who know nothing about Israel spewing lies about it. But for a change, Nathan Harden stood up for Israel and criticized Hawking's decision:
"It's remarkable how so many academics who have built their careers on the premise that "academic freedom" must be protected and respected will simply toss that idea out the window when it comes to Israel. I wonder, has the Palestinian political regime also done things that Hawking disagrees with?Almost certainly it has. Why then does Hawking still engage with "Palestinian colleagues," in that case. Why not boycott them as well? Come to think of it -- I'll bet there are plenty of political policies in the UK that Hawking disagrees with. (British participation in the Iraq War perhaps?) Why then doesn't Stephen Hawking boycott himself, since he is part of the UK and he obviously believes that scholars from nations whose politics he dislikes should be shunned and silenced."
Owned. Next is Rabbi Shmuely Boteach who compares Hawking to Einstein and not in a good way:
"Since Hawking is so often called the Einstein of his generation, it is worth reminding him that Einstein was a committed Zionist who traveled around the United States with Chain Weizmann to raise money for the creation of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an institution that Hawking now refuses to even visit. In a 1921 letter to his friend Friedrich Zangger, Einstein wrote, "On Saturday I'm off to America -- not to speak at universities (though there will probably be that, too, on the side) but rather to help in the founding of the Jewish University in Jerusalem. I feel an intense need to do something for this cause.""
And finally there is Varda Epstein, who fights dirty and criticizes Hawking for not following through on his principles and boycotting everything Israeli including technology that he uses in his every day life.
 "What marvelous simplicity of logic! Darshan Leitner is absolutely correct. If Hawking wishes to join the BDS movement, he must immediately stop using all Israeli-made goods and services. If Hawking wishes his boycott to have real meaning, he should immediately remove the chip from his tablet that allows him to communicate his thoughts with the world. There is nothing he could do to match the impact of such a "brave" act."
It's only a little, but it's nice to see a little more balance to the Huffington Post's coverage.

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    03:20 AM on 05/09/2013
    Great Post Mack! I'd love to know precisely who is "advising" Mr. Hawking on the intricacies of the Israeli/Arab conflict.

    Because I'm sure the mods will not print my answer, and because this is good enough to share,
    two things to shed some light:



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