Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeff Danziger and the Mixed Messages of the Left

Jeff Danziger is a cartoonist that sums up the attitudes of the Huffington Post perfectly. He is anti-war, anti-drones, anti-big business, anti-banks, and pro-Obama. He doesn't usually talk about Israel that much but when he does it immediately becomes clear that he doesn't know what he's talking about. His latest cartoon elicited a couple of reactions from me. Here it is:
My first reaction is that this carton sums up one of the cardinal rules of posting on the Huffington Post talkback sections: You must believe that Israel "drags America into wars." Even though in the real world Israel never has dragged America into any war, let alone one to save Israel from destruction, that doesn't stop the Huffington Post left-wing readership from believing it as if it is gospel. Here are a couple of examples just so you know that I am not making this up:

You see? Everyone believes that the way Israel operates is that it picks a fight, gets into trouble, and then America gets "dragged into it." Danziger is depicting this as literally happening in his cartoon.

The trouble of course is that as I said America has never gone to war to defend Israel, let alone to save it. The Iraq War is the only example the Huffington Posters cite, often relying on conspiracy theories that flirt with anti-Semitism. But even then, Israel didn't start a war with Iraq and then called America in to "finish it." As the Huffington Posters believe they "always" do.

It's truly amazing that left-wing worldviews, like religious dogma, are believed by so many people even though they lack the slightest basis in fact.

Which brings me back to Danziger's cartoon: There is no evidence that Israel is "dragging" Obama (at least I assume that is Obama) anywhere. Israel bombed sites in Syria to stop weapons from being moved, as Netanyahu said just yesterday. Israel has no intention of getting involved, nor is there any evidence that they want America to get involved either. What would they have to gain? All pundits recognize that the rebels are just as bad as the Assad regime and we learned from Mubarak that Israel prefers the devil that they know.

Of course this doesn't stop Jeff Danziger from throwing some red meat to his Israel-hating readership. Which actually brings me to my other point: Danziger's mixed messages. See, less than a week ago he published this cartoon:

The message here seems to be that we should save the poor Syrian children, and that Obama is wrong to only get involved should chemical weapons be used. But then how does that jive with this cartoon, published two days before the previous one:

(For the record, this also doesn't make sense because I don't think anyone is saying we should send American soldiers into Syria. The pro-interventionists only appear to be saying that we should impose a no-fly zone or arm the rebels.)

So does Danziger just not have an opinion on what should happen in Syria? Does he think America should get involved or not? Or is he just saying whatever he thinks his readership will agree with? I guess that is for him to know, and for us never to find out. It sure would be nice if he came to a conclusion at some point though, or at least stop spreading conspiracy theories about Israel.

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