Thursday, May 2, 2013

Netanyahu Addresses Root Cause of Conflict, HPers Prove Him Right

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu recently made a statement about one of the most intensely debated issue on the Huffington Post: the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Here's what Netanyahu said about it:
"Israel's prime minister insisted Wednesday that the conflict with the Palestinians is not about territory, rather the Palestinians' refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, appearing to counter a modified peace proposal from the Arab world."
What followed in the comments thread was HPers tripping over themselves to agree with Netanyahu, even though they probably didn't mean to. They began ranting over and over again that the root cause is "Jewish invaders to Palestine taking the land from the indigenous population." This is essentially what Netanyahu is saying, the refusal of the Palestinian Arabs and their apologists to accept a Jewish presence in Israel. Anywhere in Israel. Here are some examples:

These HuffPosters can't post enough about how the problem is Israel's existence and Jews having independence in the Middle East, which is exactly what Netanyahu said. Hilarious.

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