Sunday, May 19, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Majority of Israelis Support Women of the Wall

If there's one prejudice that is actively encouraged on the Huffington Post, it's hating Israelis. Not Jews of course, just Israelis (but not, naturally, Israeli Arabs, so....yeah). No wonder then, that the HP couldn't publish this poll:
"The majority of Israeli Jews support the Women of the Wall group, according to the latest monthly Peace Index poll released by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University following recent altercations at the Western Wall and legal rulings on the limits of public prayer there. Israelis were surveyed on their attitudes towards the Women of the Wall’s quest to pray out loud and wear a prayer shawl and tefillin (phylacteries) at the holy site. 
Support for the Women of the Wall is highest among self-defined secular Israeli Jews (64%) and the traditional-non-religious (53%). Traditional-religious (26%), religious (28%), and ultra-Orthodox (0%) support them to a lesser degree. 
Questioned about their overall attitude, 48% of Israeli Jews back the Women of the Wall, while 38% do not." 

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