Wednesday, May 22, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinian Abuses Up

A Palestinian report has been released on the amount of abuse inflicted by the PA and Hamas. Fascinating reading. Too bad the HP readership will never see it:

A Palestinian report shows human rights abuses by the rival governments in the West Bank and Gaza are on the rise.

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights said in its annual report Tuesday that incidents of abuse are up 10% since last year.
Director Ahmed Harb said, “Most of the complaints were on torture, mistreatment, preventing and dispersing public assemblies, preventing reporters from reporting or arresting them.”
The report said the rift between Palestinian factions is a main cause.Hamas oustedFatah forces from Gaza in 2007 and took power. The Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority rules the West Bank.

The report said there were seven extrajudicial killings of alleged Israelicollaborators in Gaza, and two Palestinians died in West Bank jails.

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