Friday, May 3, 2013

Palestinian Murderer Gets Name in the Paper Again

As we have tracked on numerous occasions in the past year, the Huffington Post will frequently publish the full name of Palestinian victims of violence (regardless of whether the Palestinian in question is a terrorist or a civilian) in the headline of its articles. Yesterday, it happened again.

The Palestinian family of the murderer who killed an Israeli settler in the West Bank issued a statement about their son's crime, stating that "it was destiny, and we take pride in him as a family. What he did is a duty for all Palestinians living with the aggression of the army and settlers." They were not sorry about it at all. The Huffington Post, unbelievably enough, covered this story but made sure to make to push its agenda through the headline:

Both people involved in the murder are mentioned in the headline, both the "Palestinian" and the "Israeli settler," but only the Palestinian is mentioned by name, and a full name at that. Why does the Palestinian murderer get humanized through the mention of his name, but the Israeli settler, the victim, does not? Why doesn't the headline read "Salam Zaghal, Palestinian Who Killed Israeli Settler Eviatar Borovsky, 'Did His Duty,' Family Members Say"? Because the Huffington Post wants you to care about one person in this murderous incident, and it's not Borovsky.

Note also the picture choice. Once again, when there is an Israeli victim of violence, no picture of the victim is shown. Instead, it shows an angry Palestinian yelling at a soldier. I guess the Huffington Post just couldn't be bothered to find a picture of Borovsky or his mourning family. 

If you think I'm just being paranoid, let's examine how other publications covered this news. You can see the Huffington Post (as usual) just republished this Reuters article by Noah Browning. Well, how did Reuters itself headline the article?

Huh, no mention of the murderer's name there. How about another news outlet that covered the Reuters article, Yahoo News?

Nope, no mention of the name in the headline either!

Why did the Huffington Post's editorial staff make the deliberate decision to change the headline from the original copy to include the name of the Palestinian murderer, but not the Israeli victim? If anyone has a good reason for this bias, I'd love to hear it.

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  1. Because Arianna Huffington and her little soldiers at Huffington Post are all a bunch of rabid Jew haters who are on a mission to prop up the "Palestinians" and bury the Jews.

    Confirmed daily, with the stories they run, the placement of the stories, the photos accompanying the stories, and headlines they rewrite for the stories.


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