Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Puff Piece on Mosaics Leads to Hatred

Every week in Israel, archeologists are pulling artifacts out of the ground that tell the story of the long history of that land. This week, it was mosaics created by the Byzantines 1,500 years ago, which for those of you keeping track at home is about 800 years before the Arabs invaded Palestine and conquered it for themselves.

Naturally, despite the puff nature of the article, the haters still came out in their usual numbers:

There were more comments, but they were deleted before I could grab them.


  1. "SonOfYaffa"

    “whats 65 years in 2000 of your history as a doormat? which you will be there soon. history has proven it”

    “Voluntarily after being terrorized by your filthy brethren.
    do the haganah and irgan ring a bell. do Deir Yassin have any eccos in your hollow brains?
    I thought so”

    “It wasn't me that did the DNA study of Khazar jews not that Hitler was your brethren. look up "Johns Hopkins Study Confirms European Jews are Khazar".
    Oh my. Most of you are fake jews and only 20% are real.

    & yet no such thing as israel ever existed; even what you people are named after "prophet israel" lived and died in Egypt. so much for your argument.”

    “well make fun of Hitler. He was one of you (since you are a race) and his DNA proved he was an african jew.
    nuff said.”

    “well we know you are not semitic. 80% of modern day jews are Khaza. and since you consider your selves "a race" most of you don't even come close.
    All it was for you was an opportunity to steal someone elses land and blame god for it.
    The Ironic part is that Hitler had more jewish roots than most of the jews in Palestine; His dna proved he was an African jew decendent. ”

    “From the river to the sea its all Palestine.”

    “No; our conditions and misery are attributed 100% to the cult that stole Palestine and no one else. The conditions in refugee camps is secondary to our plight to have been kicked out of our homeland.

    “"no justification for attacking civilians "
    no such thing as a civilian settler; they are a byproduct of an occupiers extended tentacles.
    actually they should be identified as land thieves.”

    “actually all of it is Arab land however each is an independent state with its own identity and people; on the other hand, jews belong in Poland " the jewish home" sooner or later all of them will be back there.”

    “Jews originated in Mesopotamia then Yemen, then their prophet "israeil" lived and died in of all places Egypt. any other story is just a modern day lie to justify the theft of Palestine.
    P.S. 80 of the so called jews (and you define yourself as a race ) 80% of them are Khazar. i.e. converts not true decedents. nuff said.”

    "nuff said"

  2. i hope everyone flags this bigot.


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